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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

caricatures for Havi Global Solutions Pte Ltd

A gift for their boss who is retiring. His dream is to wonder around the world on his cruise.
Some of the characteristics of the staff are IT-Savy, Ah Beng, fishing, golf etc. All these are composed and put into this group caricatures.
Those caricatures at the bottom are considered as caricature without theme, and hence without any specific design.
This company is doing business with McDonald's. Hence, you see Ronald, Hamburglar etc in the caricatures.

Detail pencil sketch.

Inking process ........

Inking done.

Colouring with marker......

Finished artwork. This artwork is scanned in and burn on cd. Notice the difference in the quality of colour and sharpness of the artwork, as compared to those on top, taken with digital camera, and touched up?

Framed with the inscription of the staff message to the boss on the gold metal plate.

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