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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Caricatures of Lasalle Investment Management

This is a farewell gift for their colleague, the lady bending forward in the caricatures, who is leaving the company. It took me 2 days to complete this artwork - pencil and inking and partial colouring yesterday, finished every details today.
They gave me their hobbies like singing karaoke, dogs, sea sports, clarinet, handphone with kids' photos and tennis etc. They would like a beach setting. Hence, I composed everything for them into this caricature artwork.
It was quite fun in drawing these caricatures, as they know what they want. They gave me photos with big smiles. Hence, these caricatures turn out to be happy. Everyone is enjoying, at least there's no serious faces in the caricatures.

Below are the process which I have captured with digital camera.
Thought I have finished sketching all the faces. then I realised I have left out one.

Noticed the one who's left out?

The inking stage......

i have changed one of their expressions, for a better result. Did you noticed who is that person?

Colouring in progress.....

Done. Show you the difference when I scan in these caricatures tomorrow.

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