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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Character design for THOS SB, Raffles the Plaza

I just had a hardtime in tidying the layout of Raffles the Plaza (on my website), one of the client page, just to show samples of the character designs I have done, to a potential client who is intending to do something similar. I couldn't believe that it takes me few hours just to resize the images and sort them out, doing layout. Anyway, it is finally done. At least, I have done 2 pages on my client list page. 2 broken links gone...... There are too many broken links on this client page. I just don't have time to tidy them up. Just because of SEO, I have spent a bomb in removing the frames, add in keywords etc to my new design. The major parts are done by a designer. As the fees are quite high, I decided to do the client page on my own, and then, I have no time to do it. No choice, I have to ask the visitors to go to the old links to view the client page. Hopefully by the end of this year, I can manage to clear up the mess. This current job with Raffles the Plaza, has spanned for about 9 months. Finally, it is coming to an end, left rendering for the last 2 characters. Hopefully, I can clear this job by month end.

Balthasar the Big Boss (aka Mr Bossy) - everything big - look at the huge burgers in his hand and on the coffee table.

Party Animal Paulette - the social butterfly.

Healthy Hannah - Miss Health-Conscious; All food and drink must be healthy.

Sam the Sun Worshipper - the Beach Bum.

Busy Ben - the multi-tasker
Left the rendering part, still working on it.

Tammy and Tabitha - the lunch buddies
They always go for lunch together, sharing the food just nice for two.

The first four have been printed in life-size.
When everything is done, they will display them in different corners of Raffles City to attract people to THOS SB.
I am looking forward to see them displayed.
I will post up some photos on site when I manage to snap them.
Interested of how the characters are being developed from sketches? Please click here to check out.

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