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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Caricature sketching for Lipico 10th Anniversary Dinner 2006

This event was held at Marriott Singapore last evening, 15th Sep 2006.
Initially, the caricature sketching service is only booked for an hour.
However, Carrey Hill Events Pte Ltd extended by another 30 mins, due to the long queue list.
I think it's because of the 2 caucasians whom I think they are the guest-of-honour. They could even be those delegates of IMF World Bank who were here for the Singapore 2006. Hahaha....
They won't get the chance of being drawn if there's no extension.
Some photos of those being drawn here.

Best caricature done for last evening. I think the best part is the mouth and forehead.

These are the caucasians I mentioned.

She could be one of the daughter of the delicates.

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