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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is this theme getting popular among couples?

Two different clients, two similar theme, and both have the artworks printed on animal-handle mugs. Is this theme caricature getting popular?

This one with a dog body and cow body, reason being they are born in the year of Dog and Cow.

The caricatures being printed on mugs. Noticed the 2 different animals on the handle?

This caricature is used for proposal. Similar reason for the theme. He's born in the year of Monkey, and she's born in the year of cow. This is done in black and white ink and brush.

Perhaps this is the last piece of caricatures printed on the animal-handle mug, as the supplier told me that they are not importing anymore of such mugs, as they tend to be broken easily during the shipping. This client is lucky to get the last piece.

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