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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

comic illustration on chalkboard for Singapore Biennale 2006 at Tanglin Camp - part 2

Seems like does not allow more than 15 photos per blog. Hence I posted photos of the illustrations done here.

These are some comic illustrations I did on site for them. It is something different, as this is the first time I draw on chalkboard, and they are huge, about 4' by 8', 7 pieces altogether. Another collection added to my portfolio. These boards are put at each stall of the event, where another artist will do some writing of the menu on it. See this photo here, with me in it? It is taken by Sara from Lumina using her 3G Nokia N73 handphone. She said she' can going to upload to her blog using that usage as sponsored by, so good..... wonder who will sponsor me on a 3G phone plan one day....... and my next phone - Sony Ericsson p990i.


jiayi said...

hi. my fren's birthday is comin soon and he wanted a chalkboard for his present. and i was searchin the web for de chalkboards without much luck and i chanced upon ur blog and was wondering where did you managed to get these chalkboards in ur pictures. i would definitely appreciate it if you would get back to me to let me know where i can buy chalkboards in singapore. thanks alot.

email add:

jit said...

The chalkboard were provided by the event organiser.

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