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Sunday, September 10, 2006

illustration for Mediacorp Singapore re-broadcast this morning

This morning around 8:10am, my wife wakes me up, telling me that my works is on TV.
I wonder what is it? Could it be my caricature and portrait works?
I walk into the living room and saw the still animation illustrations (this is a link to my previous website - same domain, different design) I have done in 2001 for MediaCorp Singapore, Channel 8 TV Programme - Kids@World. They use it for story narration.
I have done quite a number of episodes (think more than 10) for them through Oak3films.
It is quite a fun experience, as they gave me full freedom in using different styles and effects in the illustrations. I have done some using pencil as the linework, colour rendering using Photoshop (hand-painted). I didn't upload it to my website yet, just don't have the time, despite that the website is up for several years. Sigh...........

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