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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Caricatures with theme in pencil

A potential client just gave me a ring, requesting to have a group caricatures done in pencil with theme.
(In fact these few samples were done few months ago, but no time to put on my website.)
Hence, I put up these caricatures for that client to take a look.
All these artworks are taken with digital camera and touch-up in Photoshop.
In fact, the actual artwork is more greyish, given that it is done with a 8B pencil.

This is done for Cambridge Associates - a law firm.
It is meant as a farewell gift.
Only the main character is done with theme, the rest without theme, due to limited budget.

This is done partially live at a private dinner in UBS at XiYan, Duxton Plain, Singapore, on 9th May 2006.
Live sketching is the client initial intention.
However, later when the guest wants to chat and have their dinner, they decided to sketch from photos.
Luckil,y I have a digital camera and laptop standby in my car.
The initial concept was given by the client. I gave the client my suggestion in the layout of the caricatures.

This is done at another UBS dinner in CHIJMES Singapore on 26th May 2006, after the success and popularity of the previous concept - caricatures done at a dinner.
The client wants a Billboard (with TITAN on it) concept, as they manage to get a Billboard contract in China.
This is the draft I have shown them.
This time all drawn from photos, at the dinner.
Photos of the guests were taken at the dinner.

This is the final artwork done.
The tall guy, Rambo, James Bond, and the VIP lady from Singapore Press Holdings with a knife etc are the client's ideas, and I composed them into these caricatures.

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