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Monday, September 11, 2006

Kar Loke's drawings

This is the drawing done by my son last night.
The building behind is the IKEA Singapore building.
That car is my car.
Really amazed he can put in light and shadow on the car initially.
Later, he told me that the white area is because the light grey marker runs out of ink. Hahaha....
He likes IKEA because of the 'ballroom' - that room full of colourful balls for the kids.
Another reason is his mummy working in the Standard Chartered bank, opposite of IKEA. We went to fetch her before.

I am really surprise when I see this.
He's able to imagine and draw from a plan view.
And Jiaxi, his little sister is sleeping, in between me and my wife, with mouth open and messy hair. Hahaha.....

This one , Jiaxi and him playing in the little bed meant for Jiaxi, though she doesn't sleep there.

This one, done few months back - 31st March 2006, he inks and colours on my pencil sketch which I have done for a customer from US.
I didn't use that sketch as the paper is dirty.
Hence, I let him try inking with brush and colour with my markers, with my guidance.
He' really happy with the result.

I told him, once I put these drawings on my blog, many people will be able to see them, including his friends, from different PCs. Let's see how he feels when he sees his drawings online.

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