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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Caricature sketching for WorleyParsons Family Day 2006

This is the last event I have sketched for this week.
It is for WorleyParsons Family day 2006, just an one-hour event.
The venue is at Marina South, Marina City Park, Singapore of course.
Met a shadow cutter, Desmond Koh there. He's a freelance caricaturist too.
He told me that he's been in this line slightly longer than me.... Sorry, but this is a new name to me. Must check out with Welles, a shadow (silhouette) cutter cum caricaturist too. He might know him.
Some photos to share.....

Top (brothers) and bottom (parents)- this family managed to be the first few who get their caricatures done.

Adding in a little bit more to the caricature - full body caricature.

The little girl who has been standing behind, patiently waiting for some time.

The father who gives up his chance of being drawn, to his son.

The little girl who missed her turn and managed to be the last to get the caricature done.

There's still a long queue behind, about 20 more people waiting to get there caricatures sketched. Unfortunately, the event company only hires me for an hour. Let's see if we get to meet up again next year.....

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