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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Caricature theme - dancing + playing XBox

This client got my contact from his friend (one of my clients, but not sure which one. I guessed it culd be one of the Indian couple caricatures I have done recently).

The brief:-
"Hi Jit,

We spoke yesterday regarding the two caricatures I requested. These are for 2 separate couples who are getting married later this month. I am flying out on 18th Dec and would need these before that. Am happy to collect it any day that works for you before you leave for Mysia.
Please find below descriptions and pictures of the two couples. Have given more than 1 picture of each so you have a good sample to get an idea of how they look. Have tried to give as much detail as possible but will trust your judgment on composition and presentation. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions!
Couple 1: Aarti and Akshay
- Aarti is a tall slender girl and loves to dance, her smile is her best feature.
- Akshay is a software engineer
- I'd like them drawn with them dancing where she is dropping off his arm with a glass of mojito in one hand while the other hand is draped around his shoulder
- he should be holding her in one hand and a X-Box controller in another (show a screen displaying Halo 3- the game he is playing while trying to dance with her). While dancing, if his legs could be slightly wobbly to show that he's a bad dancer it would be nice.
- The background could have a rum bottle with 'Old Monk' written on it (picture of bottle attached) since that is Akshay's favourite drink
- Also to include in background a painting which has the artists name written as 'Gerhard Richter' on it since Aarti has a master's in contemporary art.
- they are both living in Seattle now so the Seattle tower in the background to be included (picture of tower attached- its the tallest one right in the centre with a UFO type top)"

Couple caricatures dancing + Xbox A4
Quite a number of details requested.
Got to put them one by one onto the drawing paper.

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