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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Caricature theme - athlete

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit Leong,

I came across your website while searching for caricatures and portraits as I was looking at these as gift ideas. I must say I'm very impressed with both your works and reasonable pricing! ^_^

I am actually interested in getting a caricature done for an ex-student as birthday gift but I don't really have a personal, close up photo of him. I've attached the pictures I have of him to seek your advice on whether they are suitable. (He's the boy with tag no. 300 in picture file "IMG_3807". Sorry for the large file size. >_<") If not, I'll try and land my hands on a close up one before proceeding..... because of the quality of the pictures plus most of it, this boy wasn't really smiling, will it affect the 'accuracy' and 'effect' of the work? Will it be much better to still try and land a better pic or will your great skills cover for those 'flaws'? :P The theme I am thinking of is either him competing on the running track or receiving the prize at podium cos he's actually an athlete from track and field...."

running champion caricature with trophy

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