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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding on swing

Client's brief:-
"I like your caricatures very much thus I would like to make one for my wedding which will be in early Jan 2010.
I already have a theme in mind- Swinging among the lavender.

Please refer to the picture attached.

The setting:
Same as attached picture's setting (Picture 01) but with added tall lavenders at the foreground.
Oversees mountains at the background.

The outfit:
*Bride's outfit - A long wedding gown, a silver tiara with medium long veil over the back of the headscarf.
*Groom's outfit - Wedding suit

*Follow the 2nd attached photo's outfit (Picture 02) design but I need your recommendation for the clothes colour to suit the background.

The action:
Same as in the attached picture (Picture 01) where bride's sitting down on the wooden swing with a bouquet of roses on her lap.
Can you create something like the wind direction comes from the left which then makes the veil blown smoothly towards the right hand side?

As for the groom's position, stay the same as in the photo (Picture 01).

Caricature in colour marker with theme - with background & body

Size: A3"

wedding couple caricatures on swing A4
Think it could be more than 10 years that I have not drawn caricature on swing.
First time for wedding couple caricatures on swing though.
Quite an interesting theme.:)

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