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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Caricature theme - Indian wedding on flying carpet (Aladdin)

Client's brief:-
"Hi Mr Jit,

First of all, I wish to congratulate you on your immense talent. Its been a pleasure to scroll through your work.

I would like to have a couple cariacture done of my husband and I as my Christmas gift to him....

Am a big fan of the Disney Princesses so please don't puke! I get enough of that from my hubby.

1. The theme would be Aladdin (Hubby) and Jasmine (Me) flying on a carpet.
2. Would like the drawing to depict a night scene with a smiling crescent and stars. Would like a palace to be shown from a side view. Not too fancy. Would be able to provide you with a sample pic.
3. Instead of a lamp, would like my husband to be holding a small Ganesha idol. Can provide a picture.
4. Hubby to be be wearing white pants, purple vest with gold designs and a purple turban.
5. I would like to wear the traditional turquoise outfit with lot of chunky accessories.

What do you think? Please let me know. Am pretty excited abt the imagery I have in my head. But since I'm extremely vain and though I do have big eyes, I do not possess the doe-eyed look that Jasmine pulls off, I'm counting on your artistic talent Jit.

One more thing, once the drawing is ready, I thought of actually glueing some really tiny sequins and studs on the drawing. Is that advisable?

Please have my hubby sporting his goatee in the drawing.
2. I don't need the palace to be so elaborate. I only like the extreme left of that picture actually. Looks nice with the tree and the dome structure. Something small and simlar would do. You could have it in silhouette so that it doesn't need to be too detailed.
3. Aladdin isn't wearing a turban as you can see from the cartoon pic. So that hat would do. Do not want the carpet to look too wavy like this one does though. Please add small tassles on the four corners. Plain stringed ones is okay. And pls have me hanging or having my arms interlocked around my hubby's neck.

Will keep the studs really small..

Am going to present this to my hubby on New Year's Eve instead of at Xmas as I originally planned"

Indian wedding couple caricatures on flying carpet
Quite a surprise to me, on the outcome of this caricature.
Looks good in terms of the theme as well as the colour scheme.
I like it.:)

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