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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Caricature for Singapore Zoo

Client's brief:-
"...Can draw the uniform in and the cheeky/smug expression. Also the background I am suggesting is of him holding a camera and long lens (maybe his fav Canon 500mm) standing in the center of the frame, on one side forest and animals, on the other side, some ladies in skimpy bikinis or something, and printed words somewhere – “William Nai, ‘Wildlife’ Photographer Extraordinaire” or something to the effect of ‘Wildlife’ insinuating animals as well as women. The rest will leave it to your artistic expressions..."

Caricature for Singapore Zoo photographer
This expression is definitely fun to draw, even though it is a urgent job.
I saw this client's deposit credited into my account in the middle of the night (Sunday morning).
Was rather shock, as he will be collecting on Monday morning.
I need to finish it before I sleep, and send it for framing in the morning, as my frame supplier only operates till 3pm. I need to collect it before that.

Client's feedback:-
"Nice! Cool!"

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