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Friday, January 16, 2009

Caricature theme - cooking @ home

One of my regular and loyal customers:)))
Her brief:-
"I would like to use the style of the "Caricature theme - Chef couple".
- Please draw me with long hair till almost waistline.
- I will be wearing an apron as seen in attached picture but with a "Hello Kitty" face on the apron as well as on the slippers.
- If possible, show a diamond ring on my finger.
- My future husband to be wearing an apron as well and he will have a "sponge bob" face on the apron.
- Both of us standing close to each other, can be similar to attached picture if any other posture recommendation would be fine with me.
- No preference on clothes colors as long as it is bright and lively.
- No chef hats.
- Background to have a homely feel.
- Add the Wordings "Mr & Mrs Ho".
And we lived happily ever after ...
(please note that there is a spacing here)
Alan & Patricia
13 Oct 2009"

Couple caricatures cooking at home A4

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