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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Caricature theme - Mr & Mrs Sadli

First enquiry of this client was in June 2009. Wow!

She placed her order recently.
The brief:-
"1) the exact poster of Mr & Mrs Smith
(2) But change the words to "Mr & Mrs Sadli" with our wedding date below " 9 & 10 January 2010"
(3) My groom wearing the same as brad pitt...only change the gun to a box with a diamond ring in it.
(4) For the bride...pls make me wear the gown picture i gave you, with a pink sash...and the bolero jacket over it...with
the headgear like the blue one, minus the details..just a plain white headgear. the shoes i would like a sexy pair of silver, swarovski stilettos
(5) the head, although i know it's a caricature, pls do not make it too big. would like it to be slightly proportionate with the body.
(6) our names of top of our heads: Muhamad Sadli, Durrah

(1) i would like an A3, coloured poster
(2) and a soft copy of the poster"

Couple wedding caricatures - Mr & Mrs Sadli A4
Her response:-
"Oh! Looks very nice!"

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