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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Caricature theme - accidentally in love

Second brief:-
"Couple 2: Namita and Umang
- I'd like them drawn with the same dancing pose where Namita is dropping off Umang's arm with a glass of Sangria in one hand while the other hand is draped around his shoulder
- Umang should be holding her in one hand and a laptop in another (show a screen displaying ISSIST and some code/numbers on the screen). While dancing, if his legs could be slightly wobbly to show that he's a bad dancer it would be nice.
- Also show Umang dreaming about a Burrito from this place called Chipotle (picture attached) while Namita is dreaming about a Tub of Ben and Jerrys
- To have 'Accidentally In Love' written in block in the background with music notes to depict its a song they share "

Couple caricatures accidentally in love A4

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