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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding on submarine

Client's brief:-
"...I would like a caricature with the (1)bride and the groom to be on the submarine´s bridge as show on the pic named: Those 3 on top where the 3 in black is the position where the groom and the bride will be drawn. (2)Bride wearing the wedding gown and the groom wearing the suit(No.5) as show on picture named: groom use this and the one on the right is the groom.

Additional: (3) The bride to be holding a small christmas tree in her hand instead of a flower.
(4) The background with the reindeer pulling santa across the sky...."

wedding couple caricatures on submarine A4
First time I draw the moon in silver blue colour.

The client requested to draw them on the top of the submarine.
To include the whole submarine, I have to draw it from bird's eye view to include everything.
wedding couple caricatures on submarine framed with metal engraving
Framed up with incripstion on metal plate.

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