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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Caricature theme - traditional Indian wedding

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

Here are the details of the photos attached:

1. Bride: That is the photo of my fiance.
2. Indian bridal ..blah blah...blah : thats the jewellery my fiance wants in the photos
3. Dhiraj: My photo
4. DSC_0059 : Our photo
5. Indian wedding caricature: that is the caricature you had drawn for one of your clients
6. Height Difference: Just added a photo so that you could get the idea of our heights, though i dont know whether you would need those details.
7. lord ganesha: the idol of our god.
8. South indian lamp: the photo of the lamp that is used in our weddings.

Details of the caricature:
In the photo of indian wedding caricature that you have drawn before we like most of the elements there, however we might need some small changes to make it our own

Bride Details
1. Please keep the pose same ( I mean in the caricature i should be carrying her in my arms just the way you have done it for one of your clients)
2. the jewellery should be like what we have given in the photo attached. the nose ring , earnings and the jewellery on the head should be the same if you can detail at that level.
3. keep the bridal wear ( clothes) the same as in your caricature ( red with golden touches). No green.
4. the garland around the bride and groom's neck should be in red and white and not in green and yellow like in your caricature
Please keep the rest of the detailing the same as in your caricature

Groom Details :
1. please keep the same pose
2. the clothing also the same ( golden kurta and boots). The boots should be the same way as in your caricature.
3. I dont want the red spot ( tilak ) on the head.and of course do not show the one or two grey hair I have :)) in the photos

Please make sure we both have a beautiful smile in the caricature.

Background details:
1. Please have the elephant in the same way but have it on both the sides( left and right). you could try and add your touch in making it grander if you want.
2. The drapings on the side can be of red/ golden colour like in your caricature.
3. the background can be the same. dark blue with little stars. Please add a half moon in the background.the moon should be smiling as well.
4. the table on the side should have lord ganesha on it just the way you have done it for your could use the picture that i have provided.
5. Please make a chocolate fountain on the side next to lord ganesha.
6. Please add the south indian lamp on the right side in front of the drapings on the right(when I am saying right it is to my right looking at the photo). Of course it should be lit as well.

Overall everything remains pretty much the same that you have done it for your earlier client. Just minute touches here and there.
These are the details.Please give us a call for anything you want to know.

Our wedding is in the first week of december and we would like to have this caricature done by Nov 15th ( three weeks) from now as we have to give it for printing as well.

Please let us know the price and how to transfer it to your account. We hope that you give us a good price. This is beautiful art and needs to appreciated and bargaining would demean the whole art and artist."

As I go on reading the brief, The more I feel stressed up.:D
Previous drawing (which this client wanted to use as the base reference) was already a tough job. This one has different additional requests. My worry is that I missed out all the minor details he requested. On top of that, referring to all these details took out a substantial amount of my drawing time. Thus, this drawing took even more time than the previous one. Sweat!

Traditional Indian wedding couple caricatures in ink
Took a snapshot of this ink artwork, as I think it looks good on its own.

Traditional Indian wedding couple caricatures A4
Of course, the colour version looks even better! And more time needed on the textile pattern and detailing.

Client's response:-
"It's very nice!"

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