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Monday, November 16, 2009

Caricature theme - couple @ theme park

Client's brief:-
"...a theme of me and my girl sitting on the theme park ride. It is on some sort of plane where you can control up and down during the ride. That is where we took the picture in hong kong disney land. Was wondering if you will able to put draw 2 kind of different breed dog in. One male dog that is shih tzu and the other female dog will be mini daschund. Maybe flying together with us in the ride.....

Due to the busy scheduler I had, I didn't really went to your blog to take a look at the art work you did. I just heard from my friend that I do not need to go down in person and everything could just settled in e-mail. Anyway, today I got much free time and take a look at your blog, I'm really impressed in the art work you did, was wondering if I can add some more idea in the caricature I want? If you have not start drawing.

I love the sun set you drew with markers in the art piece. So was wondering if I can add a sun set at the background too? Theme with sitting on the theme park ride will be still the same, instead, can we be sitting on a dog instead? The theme park ride always comes with many animals to sit on and you can control up and down during the ride. I think dogs are cute and my girl love dogs. Will it be possible to add hong kong disney land somewhere?....."

couple caricatures in Theme Park
Of course, these 'dogs' are based on imagination. Don't think they exist in HongKong Disneyland.
I tilted the angle of teh whole drawing , to give more dynamism to the swing.
The cartoon couple at the back was added in to exaggerate the effect.:)

Client's feedback:-
"It's very good!"
He told me that he's thinking to do a family portraits in acrylic....

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