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Friday, November 06, 2009

Pencil portraits of 3 musicians

Client's brief:-
"Hi Chong
great to have spoken to you. I am looking at doing a serious potraiture of an indian musician. a pencil sketch, a4 size. I would like the full shading rather than a simple sketch. I'm curious as to the paper u use since some of the shades seem more dynamic with textured paper. Im not sure if its the paper or just ur style, but i hope to see some deep blacks and a range of shades.

I dont have many high resolution pictures of the person just what i could find on the internet. You will have to advise if you are comfortable with this resolution. I am looking at a portrait similar to this picture
.....i'd like to do a portrait of the 3 photos i sent in my last email, on A3. Please use them as reference. I can make the 50% deposit later in the evening.

For the picture of the man with the mic (his initials are SPB), appreciate if u can draw him without the mic. For the other man (his initials are K), appreciate if u can draw him more clean shaven, think there's a bit of nose hair as well!

i am attaching more reference pics to help u. since its all stand alone pictures that i'd like drawn together, u can be creative in making them all part of one piece. For your own information, they are all legendary tamil musicians (lyricist, singer and composer) and i'd like to remember them through this portraiture."

pencil portraits of 3 musicians
Thinking of how to put 3 of them together aesthetically on 1 drawing.
This is my attempt.

Client's response after seeing this artwork:-
"Ah... That's very nice!"

pencil portraits of 3 musicians (montage)
I played around with the layout digitally, after the original artwork is being drawn.
This could be another better version.
What do you think?

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