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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Caricature theme - Naruto

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

Thanks for speaking to me just now. As discussed, I’d like to request 2 B/W ink caricatures of the guys in the photos attached, with body and background. Below is a description of each guy, hope you can work your magic with this!

• Yogi is a HUGE Naruto fan. So the overall theme for the drawing should be Anime… Could you also make him look a little bit like Naruto (attached) with the costume and hair with headband? Not in the same fighting stance as the picture though.
• He’s got a Russian girlfriend, whose initials are “J.S”. could you make him hold a bottle of “J.S. Vodka” printed on the label in one hand…
• He is a big fan of this club at Clarke Quay called Rupee Room. He should be standing outside the club entrance in the picture...."

Naruto caricature in ink @ The Rupee Room Clarke Quay Singapore
Got a better detail Naruto's outfit from my son's comics, as he is also a Naruto's fan.

When caricature is not done in colour, usually I will have to add in more lineworks to spice up the artwork, as in this case.

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