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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Caricature theme - Indian wedding

Client's brief:-
"I am getting married in June, and would like a caricature drawn of me and my husband which I can use on a Thank You card to send out to guests. ....I am impressed with your work, and looking at the website...As I am based in the UK, would it be suitable to email you images from the wedding once photos have been taken?....Brief for caricature

Bride & Groom
- Bride and groom in wedding outfits, as in photographs (as accurate as you can!)
- Groom to have gold Indian wedding shoes on (photo attached) instead of bare feet.
- Bride to have gold sandals on (photo attached) – if feet are showing in drawing. Hot pink nailpolish if hands are detailed, not sure if this shows in photos…
- Bride and groom facing forwards, groom holding bride in his arms (pose like the caricature you did for Chinese traditional wedding on your blog, 27th April 2009)

- If it looks good, if you can try to do the ceiling as dark blue with white twinkle lights (similar to starry night) – as this was in our wedding hall.
- Red, gold and orange draping in background as you see fit.
- Indian wedding elephant (similar to photo I emailed you) standing in background, can be cartoon style with a happy face!
- Chocolate cake in background similar to photo I emailed (3 tier orange colour with chocolate elephants)
- Table with a chocolate fountain with fruit tree next to it (photo attached), and if possible, a small ganesh statue on table (like photo attached)."

Indian wedding couple caricatures A4
An order from United Kingdom.
I just found out that this client made her initial enquiry in Jan this year, and subsequently decided to place her order in July. Wow! 6 months!

As you can see from the above artwork, the most challenging part was the wedding gown and accessories. I took a long time, painstakingly to bring out the details in a more simplified way, and yet still a lot of effort was put in.

However, the feedback from the client was rewarding:-
"Hi Jit,

Thank you for the excellent caricature and the wonderful service you offer! This will be lovely for the thank you cards I wish to post out to my guests. You have drawn it so well based on my instructions. I am very glad I came across your details on the internet. I have been very pleased with your professionalism and constant contact regarding my requirements.

I wish you all the best with your career - and if I ever need a similar drawing doing, I will definitely contact you again!

Many thanks,


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