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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Caricature theme - couple on Mini Cooper convertible

Client's brief:-
"I have given some thought to what I want to see in the design. I don't want it to be a birthday themed caricature, but more something that reflects us as a couple. Though perhaps you can include a brief birthday message somewhere in the design. Perhaps a short "Happy 40th Birthday! Love, Sheri"? That sorta thing...

Meanwhile, here are some things that you can include:
1. He's British and I'm Singaporean so I'd like the design to incorporate landmarks from both countries, perhaps the Palace of Westminster (Big Ben) and the Merlion? I like the cartoon Merlion that I've seen in your previous work. Also I'd like it featured the opposite way i.e. Big Ben on my side and the Merlion on his. Also perhaps you could include the flags (Union Jack for the UK)
2. We're both Arsenal fans, so perhaps one or both of us could be wearing an Arsenal shirt and/or a scarf perhaps? Or you could feature him in an Arsenal shirt while putting me in a taekwondo uniform? I've attached a not so nice pic of myself in one, and another of one of my instructors. Note the logo on the dobok. I'm not a black belt yet, but I wouldn't mind you drawing me in one - artistic licence and all that. Lol...
3. He's a big Audi fan and I'm a MINI Cooper Convertible kinda girl, maybe you can include either or both cars in there? See pics attached - though I'd like the MINI in red please.
4. If both cars are not possible could you include a Trek bike? Perhaps the Audi R8 with the EX5? I've attached pics of both our bikes here. The EX 5 WSD is my bike while his is the EX 7.
5. We're both into Apple, photography and movies, and I work in theatre while he's a treasurer. Could you incorporate some of that in the design? Perhaps an SLR camera, an apple logo or macbooks, iphones or a film reel here and there?
6. As for the people (us!) in the design, I'd like you to feaure us in a couple-friendly position, either holdings hands, him hugging me from behind or faces close togethere, etc? You decide what's best. Oh, and please include my new Oakley glasses as attached (the solo pic) (that I recently lost) instead of the old ones featured in some of the pics. And I've got short, spiky reddish-brown hair which may not reflected in these old pics, while Stephen keeps his hair closely cropped (I shave it for him!)
Some of my favourite works of yours are the one of the British Indian couple and the Chip n Dale one. The midnight blue background looks quite interesting visually. But then I'd leave it to you to decide it it'll look good with everything else."

Couple on Mini Cooper convertible A4
Long long request. This client wanted too many stuffs to be included in this drawing.
Of course, I have to selectively choose what's deemed fit.

Think Mini Cooper is the most popular car requested by my clients.

Her reaction, upon seeing this caricature:-
"Wow! It's perfect!"

SMS from the her, after she left:-
"Hi Jit, just got back & had a proper look. I think it's damn cool!"

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