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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Caricature theme - Indian & Chinese wedding

An oversea order from Canada.

Client's brief:-
"I came across your work through a google search. I really adore the Chinese wedding couple. I've attached the two jpegs off your website that I am interested in. What is the difference in price for the two?

I am interested in getting something done for my wedding next year. In Canada, it is common to send out "save the wedding date" cards and I would like to incorporate a caricature. I am Chinese and my finance is Indian (Hindu). We are happy using the Chinese wedding couple, but are also curious if there are any mixed Indian/Chinese templates.....

My fiance and I are interested in keeping him in the Chinese groom, but perhaps having me in a red Indian attire (like a Lengha) and himself carrying me....."

I've attached three photos of a traditional red wedding lengha. The first one (Lengha 1) shows the colour and detail I would like on the caricature. Since the model is sitting, i've included the Lengha 2 photo of a model standing up, to show the shape of the Lengha. (Please do not include a head scarf as this is more a North Indian and Muslim tradition). Lastly, i've included the photo-Lengha 3 to show you a bindi that i would like on my forehead. I prefer the more gold decorated one rather than a dot-like bindi.

Indian and Chinese wedding caricatures
Q-digital caricatures are not customisable.
Thus, this client can only go for caricature with theme in colour.
As usual, the killing one are the textile details.
Quite impossible to follow every details. Hence, I need to simplify the details.

Feedback from the client:-
"...The work looks fantastic. Thanks again and it was a pleasure working with you."

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