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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Caricature theme - cycling home

Client's brief:-
"I saw two pieces of your work that you completed for my friends, Colin Clark to Stacy Neo, for their recent wedding.

My husband has his 50th birthday coming up on 5th December and our girls and I would love to surprise him with one of your creations.

I’ve put together some thoughts and some photos in the attached word document as I wasn’t sure quite how to ask or present my request to you. However I’m very happy to consider suggestions you might have.....

It is my husband’s 50th birthday on 5th December and I’d like to order a caricature of our family for a gift. Below is a recent photo of the four of us.

My youngest daughter in the black dress doesn’t have such a natural smile in this photo so below is another of just her to give you something better to go by but please DO NOT include her braces. Both my girls 95% of the time wear their shoulder length hair up in a pony tale

Singapore has been our home for 8 years now and I would like to include somehow in the image the front of our current home. Photo taken from two angles below. I’ll leave it up to you if you want to include the Toyota Camry in the image.

The last member of our family to include somehow is our dog Tilly. See photo.

My husband loves mountain bike riding so I’d like to include him on a mountain bike (additional photo attached of him riding his bike to give you some idea of the type. If you could include “Trek” as the brand of the bike on the bike frame that would be a bonus)

Quite often my husband goes off to Bukit Timah hill biking and then comes home sweaty and bit dirty. We don’t ride with him so I’m thinking some image of him coming home from a ride or about to head off on a ride with us waving him goodbye type thing. Both our girls are t-shirt and shorts type and I tend to wear t-shirt and often white pants. I’d also like the year 2009 put next to your signature please.

I’m trying to think of more information about my husband to help you develop an idea. He loves wine, as much as his biking !!! but not sure if you could incorporate this or not. He’s 6’4” and slim build as you can see. His hair is normally shorter than in the family photo like this:...."

Whenever I see a very detail brief, I will be stressed up.:D
Caucasian family caricatures in pencil sketch
Since I have such a detailed pencil sketch, I decided to do a snapshot as a record.
It is a birthday gift for the subject.
Thus, the focus should be on the subject, and his hobby - cycling, back from Bukit Timah Hill.
The family members will be in front of the house, welcome him back.
Caucasian family caricatures in  ink
The inking did some trimming and refinements here and there.
Took some time to ink in the house details.
I strated this job quite early, span across 2 weeks, as I afraid I may not have time to finish it on time for printing on T-shirts and framing.

Family caricatures - cycling home A4
This colour version took me 2 nights to complete.
Just too many details to take care of.

Family caricatures - cycling home on T-shirt
The client initially ordered 4 T-shirts, and subsequently ordered 1 more.
Thought it was for the doggy:P, but in fact for her maid. (She told me upon her collection.)

She was very happy with the outcome (Phew! Afraid something might go wrong, since there are quite a number of requests in subsequent emails too). Her remarks was quite lengthy that I can't remember all. A few main ones are the caricatures looked so much like them, I managed to capture their dog, and the way it runs towards her husband, her daughters told her that they are going to use this caricature artwork for their Christmas cards. etc.
Anyway, I am glad that she loves it. My effort was appreciated.

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