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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Caricature theme - happy Buddha

Client's brief:-
"I have just seen your wonderful work on your website and I would like to enquire about ordering a caricature. I live in Sydney, Australia, my friends birthday is 21/11/2009 and so I was firstly wondering if that leaves enough time for order, your work and delivery as we leave the country soon after on 27/11/2009. I am very interested in the colour marker and theme caricature including both body and background, and would like my friend to be drawn as the happy buddha that I have similarly seen on your website. My friend is already bald which may assist in the likeness!!!!! And I have some happy looking photos of him that would lend themselves well to the caricature."

Happy Buddha caricature
An oversea order from Sydney, but to be shipped to UK.

I think the linework helped a lot in spicing up this simple theme, giving texture and style to this artwork. It could have otherwise looked rather plain.
If the subject's face is rounder, it should fit better on the fat body.:D

My wife saw this caricature by chance (when I was packing it for shipping), and said "very cute!".
It has been sometime I heard such remarks from her.:D

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