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Sunday, October 07, 2007

website down...url forwarded to this blog

My website is down since this morning around 12am+ when I tried to access it.
I tried to access my server, but cannot go in.
Checked my statcounter for the website.
Last visit was at 11:35pm last night.
My email mailbox is still fine.
I thought this should only take a few hours, and should be back to normal.
But, NO!!!
Emailed my web hoster - Yahoo, waiting for their reply.
Second hick up in less than 2 months. Last time was the email problem. This time - worse!!! Website down.
This will affect my business and company image.
I am seriously thinking of changing to Usonyx.
At least, it is a local web hosting company.
I can get support instantly.

Could it be my domain expired? Cannot be, as I have renewed it to 2012.
Reconfirmed after I login to GoDaddy, which the domain is currently with.
Hopefully, it is not my server being hacked in.
If yes, my head will grow big.
I will need to spend sometime fixing it, as I didn't backup the files on it for sometime.

Anyway, I won't be that dumb to sit here waiting for their reply, which may take up to one day.
Luckily, I still have this blog. I have just forwarded the domain to here. It will take a few minutes to process, as claimed by GoDaddy. At this point of time, still not done yet.

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