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Monday, October 01, 2007

3D caricature dollies - baseball and soccer players

Got the shock of my day upon receiving the dolly above, few hours before the client's collection.
Thought I made a mistake in the ordering part. The client ordered a soccer player dolly, but it turned out to be a baseball player. The baseball bat dropped out when I opened the box. Was wondering how come the goalpost so small, or was there a goalpost? Hahaha......
Called the supplier in China.
He checked and realised that his staff made a mistake.
He expedites on the order, and delivered to me few days later.
Phew. Luckily, the client can wait, though she was quite disappointed with the mistake and delay.

Didn't bring my D80 with me, when I received this from FedEx. Taken with my P990i.

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