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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Caricature theme - Elektra

She (who ordered a caricature for her boss) saw a caricature of her friend (bottom left 1st guy in the caricatures) in the latter's email.
She got my contact, and requesting for a caricature of herself, to be used in her email, as a icon of herself.
Didn't have a clear idea of the theme she wanted, and settled on this theme after browsing my website, blog and online.
The girl in the Elektra was more like a puppet, and arms and jaws (in pieces) were joined by strings. Thought she wanted the same initially, after looking at the attachment she sent me. Hahaha..... Of course it won't look that good.
Anyway, this posture, colour scheme and design made her looked sexy and pretty, I think.
I like it too.

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