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Monday, October 08, 2007

Caricature theme - new house

Second order from this client (placed by his employees), but this time for personal purpose.
Think his family will be moving into their new house.
Hence, wanted a caricature with their new house in the background, and hang in their new house.
Requested to stand in front of their house.
I have his son on a tricycle.

He said his wife's face was too round.
Trimmed a bit for her, though she has a round face.
In fact, he said that lady's caricature doesn't look like his wife at all!
At all?
0% resemblance?
I think it was an insult to me.
Quite worked up whenever I heard such comment.
I asked his staff who placed the order.
At all meaning I draw a lady and look like a guy?
Or completely out in terms of resemblance.
She said no.
They brought in another picture of his wife, but looked like a totally different person to me.
Then she told me she looked more like the current photo.
Then why did they use a photo that didn't look like her in the first place?
They have to be fair to me.
I draw based on the photo they gave, and didn't see her in person at all.
Now they brought in another different photo.
I can't amend based on that.
They accepted my explanation.
I amended on their boss - made him looked rounder, as in the photo.
His son's forehead lower.

In this line for 13 years.
One of the common problems with my clients was that they usually like to use their makeover photo or photos which they looked pretty or handsome, but not their usual look. When it was drawn, they will tell me it didn't look like them. This was especially when they provided and can only provide 1 photo. Sigh....

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