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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Files transfered....

Migration of the files from Yahoo to Usonyx done.
Waiting for the domain to propagate in the next 48 hours and bye bye to Yahoo.
The latter still talking nonsense to me in the latest emails, like:-

"Unfortunately, we are not able to go back over settings to determine what was wrong when there is currently no issue. When the issue is current, we can investigate the account and settings to determine what is wrong at that moment......"

Asked them right from the start, just say this and that except answering my question. Unbelievable!!! Anyway, don't want to waste my time and breath on them anymore. I have otter better things to do.....

1 comment:

Dark Knight said...

that's why their share price will never ever match google's.

rubbish in, rubbish out.

these pple who're answering your emails are probably from india who know next to nothing, and are probably clueless to what you're talking abt in the 1st place.

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