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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Caricature theme - Empress Dowager 慈禧

First time drawing this theme of Empress Dowager 慈禧 for the Bosses Day.
Client's request:-
"....i want her in that chinese Empress costume with that kinda pose sitting on that 'dragon' throne. Hee hee hee....!"
My frame supplier said he saw this caricature.
He said the client brought this caricature for him to frame.
She was his regular client.
In fact, she did looked for me to do a group caricature job, but I can't make it as I will be out of town at that time. She thus looked for another caricaturist (don't know who he/she was) for that job, and not very satisfied, as told by my frame supplier.
Feedback from the client:-
"Hi Jit Leong

Thank you very much for the portrait!

My boss was very impressed with it. And of course, me too!!!! The portrait is now hanging right behind her! She said it has to be behind her so that people know she is the empress dowager and will have to think carefully before they ask her for things. Mwahahahahahaha!!!

Hey, but if you don't mind, just a little suggestion in case u get another request for such design. You know in those times, the super big head piece that they wore on their head, they have those things dangling down from the headpiece, maybe can include that in. It will bring out the whole image of an Empress Dowager. And of course, not forgetting the super long fingernail metal cap that the women of those days wore to protect their nails.

Once again, thank you very much for the wonderful portrait!"
Oops! Missed out the headpiece, but not fingernail metal cap. She realised it when I pointed it out to her.

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