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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Caricatures of Rain and Se7en

Caricature orders from the fans to these 2 Korean Superstar - Rain and Se7en.
They will be bring these caricatures to Korea and Japan (where they will be holding their concerts) to present to them. The Singapore landmarks were to represent the country where the fans came from. Every fans were supposed to bring in something representing their country.
Thus, they opted for caricatures as the gift. Think maybe it was the fans club idea.

The 'thumb' (that's what they told me) icon on the hat was specially requested to be included. Maybe that's the Fans Club icon?

Not familiar with his look, but heard his name before.
The client provided a few photos which he looked quite different.
Thus, I did some search online, to confirm his 'usual' look.
The bra and pantie were what he has shown in his concert, and the client wanted me to include too. The green '7" fluorescent sticks were what they hold in the concerts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jit. This is Ling - the Rain fan. Thanks for the great job. I loved it and judging from what I saw in Daegu (a city in Korea), Rain loved it too^^.

PS : The words on the hat are "Singapore" in Korean. And this is my personal gift to him. No fan club involvement. :P

The best part is I gave it to him personally!

Once again, thanks for making him look so adorable - not that he isn't! :)

jit said...

Glad to hear that! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Jit... This is Sandra. Just wanna thank you for doing such a great job! I gave it to Se7en in Guangzhou and got a big hug in return. I'm sure he loved it!

P.S. It was a gift from me to him. He has no fanclub in Singapore.

jit said...

Great! You must be overjoyed!!! Hahaha..

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