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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Caricature live sketching for birthday party

A two-hour event, - 6pm - 8pm.
The client emailed me and stated that it will be held at CSC in Changi.
Flipped my Street Directory, and the first spot I saw was Changi Sailing Club. CSC, right?
While I was on my way there, he called me and told me that it was held at Changi Civil Servant Club. Ooh, Changi CSC. He said most of his guests went to the wrong place. Luckily it was along the same road, not too far off.
This client is working with Knowledge Director, and liaise with me for most of their company jobs working with them. This birthday party was organised for his 1year old son.
The first job I worked with was their company Third anniversary gift for guests at the party in Liberte, CHIJMES, Singapore. That was few years back. Can't remember the exact year. They printed some magazines with some of their company contents inside, whereby I sketched on the front cover.
This time, he used the same concept for this party too, but his son wasn't sketched by me. He said maybe he will provide me his photo to do up his caricature.
Whole event sketching the kids. Most of them, except the elder kids, can't keep still. Tough job for me.
The client wanted to extend my service, half way through the event, but I can't, as I have another appointment to attend to. I have checked with him whether he will need me for 2 hours when he made booking for this event, and he said yes. Didn't mention about any extension. So, no choice.

Take note on this boy...

Appeared again (See teh third photo from the top)? That was my first impression, as his parents were asking cannot do one more?
Then his relative told me they are twins, just that they are wearing the same clothes.
Hmmm.... no comparison, so I can't tell either.
As I was sketching him, I noticed he didn't smile, and looked a lot thinner than his twin brother.
Think they were right.

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