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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Price adjustments

Spent few hours adjusting the prices of my portrait, caricature services and products etc.
Main reason is to cut down my workload. Mentally and physically can't take it anymore.
Working more than 12 hours everyday. Even weekends were burnt off.
The only way I can think of right now is to adjust my rates.
Hope it works and maintain the income I need to support my family and shop expenses etc.

Took out the Paypal buttons to avoid any confusions.
Some of my oversea (even local) clients paid without making any enquiries.
They missed the delivery time part, thinking they can get it in less than 2 weeks without any surcharge. Another part is the postage/shipping fee. Hence, I think it is better for them to email me to enquire before making any payments.

Found some repetitions on my website - on the services page. Amended some but not all.
Will do so when I have the time.....

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Anonymous said...

How do I get a portrait for me, is for june 29. I'm From Dominican Republic.

Send me an email:

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