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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

digital caricature of wedding couple - light wash

Client's brief:-
"The theme is 'Our Wedding'. I have copied some sample photos from your blogsite as reference. Please note the attachment.

In Zip file "", 2 pictures:
=> 1a.jpg - this is roughly how we wish the picture to look like, simple with us in wedding attire & no back ground required.
=> caricature_puzzle_with_frame.jpg - we like the style of this Jacky Cheong puzzle. We hope our caricature picture can be done in such way."

wedding couple digital caricatures in light wash
That Jacky Cheung caricatrue was one of my earliest digital caricatures done about 12-13 years ago.
My style and skill would not be the same after these years, and I don't think I can draw inthat style again.:D
This wedding caricature is a more refined style which I am using currently.

A video of how their wedding caricatures are done, for this couple.

Feedback from the client via email:-
"Dear Jit,

We love the caricature work. It is very well done. Bravo!!
.....Thanks.. it looks fantastic.

Steven Lee"


zashiq5 said...

do you use tablet for drawing or it's freehand on photoshop?? i thinks it's hard to do sketches by freehand..

jit said...

I use Wacom 12" Cintiq. Easier to us ethan Wacom tablet.:)

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