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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Caricature theme - skiing

Client's brief:-
"....I would like to have a caricature with theme in colour for my boyfriend who is leaving singapore to pursue his dream in canada to be an ski instructor.

I've attached a few pictures of him because it's difficult to find a picture of him looking straight into the camera as he don't really like pictures of him taken.
- Picture 1 is a cropped photo, so I'm not sure if the quality is good enough.
- Picture 2 is a good one because it's a front portrait but he don't like his hair in that picture and he don't have the big wide simle. So I was thinking maybe you can refer to picture 3 or picture 4 for the hair and his smile?
- Some of it like picture 4 and 5, he has got shades on, I don't know if that will affect the way you draw his face. Maybe you can draw with the shades on. (you can find the details regarding the shade in the next few paragraph)

I've attached 2 of his skiing pictures, so maybe you can decide on the pose he can have. refer to picture 6 and 7 (:
He likes the colour green and blue so maybe for his ski attire, it can be of that two colours with a little bit of blacks?
For his headgear, I was thinking if you can refer to picture 8, for a simple beanie on his head.
Alternative, I know he likes having his shades on his hair when he's not wearing them, so maybe can refer to picture 9 & 10.
Just a little bit of details on the shades, he loves Oakley shades. So maybe on the sides rim of the shades, you can add in the logo, just like picture 11 or maybe 12 if 11 is not clear enough.

I'm not sure of whether to have beanie on his head or just the shades. If I'll have beanie on his head, then for the shades, maybe can have it over the beanie or he can wear it on his face just like picture 4 & 5? Maybe that you can help me to decide. I do like the shades (exact same colour as shown in picture 12) to be part of the whole portrait. (: If you wanna have the beanie on, maybe can refer to picture 13 for reference for the beanie? It’s a blue Petzl beanie, will be good if you can add the logo of the beanie in.

For the background, I would like to have the scenery related with snow and skiing.
Maybe you can refer to picture 14, background can have the chairlifts and a bit of mountains. And perhaps can have two planes in the top background, one represents singapore while the other canada facing in two different directions

Last of all, wordings to be included at the background "all the best to new and more exciting adventures, Ste." and below this phrase, can have "With love, Yanni"

I guess that's about it. I'm sorry if there's too much information. But hopefully it will come out perfectly nice. (:
And I definitely would like to collect the complete piece, framed in clear acrylic on the 24th septmeber 2010 (preferably in the late morning to early afternoon) together with 1 softcopy. (:"

caricature theme - skiing A4
Client's feedback:-
"So cute... very nice!"

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