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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

digital caricature for Procter & Gamble (P&G)

Client's brief:-
"...We would like to paint a caricature for one person. Attached is the photo (unfortunately we only have the group photo, he is the 2nd person from the left).
We would also like the caricature to show him holding a bar of Safeguard soap and Venus shaver (I’m still trying to get the high-res files for these P&G products)...."

digital caricature for P&G - Ivan - sketch
digital caricature for P&G - Ivan - 1 small
Blocking in the colours.
digital caricature for P&G - Ivan - 2 small
digital caricature for P&G - Ivan - 3 small
I wanted this piece to look painterly - visible brush that it doesn't look too digital.
digital caricature for P&G - Ivan - 4 small
digital caricature for P&G - Ivan - 5 small
digital caricature for P&G - Ivan A3
Completed version!

Client's response upon receiving this caricature:-
"Arrrhhh..... look so much like him!"

digital caricature for P&G
She dropped me another email subsequently:-
"Hi Jit

Thanks for delivering the caricature today, just want to let you know that the response from my colleagues have been overwhelming. Everybody loves your work!
Many commented that the caricature really looks like Ivan in person, and our Marketing team is so happy with the product and brand logos that has been incorporated into the caricature.
Again, thank you for the wonderful work you’ve done on the caricature, it is the perfect gift for our well respected Marketing Director.

Zenn Teo"

Hard work paid off.:)

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