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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Caricature theme - Japanese wedding

Client's brief:-
"What's important to me is the theme, as we are having our wedding in Japan in October and we will be wearing the wedding kimono on the day. i will be wearing a black top (just like the picture) and black/white vertical stripes bottom. She will be wearing a red kimono (quite similar to caricature2. i would need those details in the picture, as well as the sign 'Kotobuki' on the top right is also important as it is used only in Japanese Weddings. We also like the Autumn leaves as it will be Autumn when we have our wedding in October.

A bit about us, we love bagpacking and we've been to quite a fair number of places around the world, so perhaps you can incorporate 2 big bagpacks on the floor next to us. I also drive a white Suzuki swift that we use for road trips to Malaysia. Could be interesting to incorporate that bit as well... what do you think? Kinda like we are putting all the bagpacks aside for the time being until the wedding is over....

I intend to use yr picture as our welcome board for both our weddings in Japan and Singapore! Hope the information above helps in anyway possible. I also attached a few more pictures for your reference..."

Japanese couple wedding caricatures A3

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