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Monday, September 13, 2010

digital caricature for Citibank

The client wanted a safari theme for her colleague who is retiring, as the latter will be going for safari right after her retirement. The subject will be riding on an elephant, holding a Citibank credit card in her hand.

Safari caricature for Citibank - draft
The client opted for the VIP package, whereby she will get to see through the whole draiwng process, i.e., I will email her of every significant stage of the caricature. This isn't what I usually do for normal job, as it slows down the whole drawing process. Of course, she is willing to pay for the price..:)
This is the first draft.

Feedback was that the elephant was too big. Reduce it!
She needs more animals.
Safari caricature for Citibank - draft 2(small)
Second draft.
"Bring the snake down….don’t want it at the top of her head.

Just a slimmer face for Lillibeth pls….we ladies want to look pretty even in caricatures.....
Also reduce the elephant a bit more – proportion does not matter here."No room to exaggerate in this case....
Safari caricature for Citibank - draft 3(small)
Third draft - approved!
Safari caricature for Citibank - colour scheme (small)
Colour scheme.....
Safari caricature for Citibank - erased sketch lines (small)
I added in some black lineworks here, to make the animals  look cuter.
Safari caricature for Citibank
The caricature is done.
"Nice.  Let us see the final version with the messages."

Safari caricature for Citibank - with messages
Lots of messages. Some hand-written and scanned, and the rest are type-setting.
Safari caricature for Citibank - A2
The client added in a caption.
This digital caricature will be emailed to Phillipines (from Singapore).
The Citibank in Phillipines will get it printed, framed up, and present to the subject.
Power of technology. Saves time on the shipping, since they need it urgently.


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