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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Caricature theme - Malay traditional wedding on bike

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,
As spoken to you the other day and via sms, attached are the pictures of myself and my fiancee.

1) We would like to have ourselves drawn on the attached black & white scrambler pix with my fiancee riding and me the gal as pillion.

2) The background will be Orchard town area with Cathay Cineileisure as 1 of the prominent buildings coz we first met there.

3) We would like to have our wedding date written on the front number plate of the bike (01-05-2010) and our names on the exhaust pipe of the bike

4) Our pix should be similar to your previously drawn customer as in pix 2 except that ours will be a mirror image facing the opposite direction with both our faces clearly displayed.

Bride's details:

1) For my features, pls refer to the Main Female Pix for close-up features. I would like to have my hair long and curly in light brown with blonde and red highlights. My lips will be shining pink lip gloss

2) For my costume, it will be Pix fyi8 design but blue in colour as per attached. Similar for my fiancee. For my sleeves, they will be long and split at the ends but not for my fiancee.

3) For my hair, it will be done up as in Pix fyi9 and the pix fyi2, fyi3 and fyi5 as reference with the red roses on the left side of my head and my hair costume jewellery in gold on the right side of my head.

4)My left hand will be holding on to my fiancee and my right hand will be stretched out while holding a bouquet of red and pink roses.

5) My shoes will be silver with diamante and "bling-bling".

6) I would like to have my long "dropped-down" earrings and necklace drawn too, all in silver white diamante and "bling-bling".

Groom's details:

1) For the main features, pls refer to Main Male Pix attached but costume will be in blue as stated above.

2) He will be wearing a black "songkok", the headgear for the Muslim males as in Pix 2 with a diamond brooch attached also "bling-bling".

3) The design of his costume should be similar to my malay costume as in Pix fyi8

4) His left hand will be controlling the bike while his right hand will be doing a "Peace-2 finger" gesture similar to the pix attached.

5) His smart shoes will be black."

Malay couple wedding caricatures on bike to Cineleisure A4
Client's response:-

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