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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Caricature theme - cheerleader with macaroons

Client brief:-
"She's a cheerleader and is a flyer.Was thinking if you could draw her being tossed in the air by a bull, like those bull in the traditional spanish bullfight. The background will be iconic structures in europe as we went on a holiday together and some of her fav things.

her details:
-Could she do a spilt in the air while being tossed up, side or front spilt whichever look nicer.
- wearing a typical pretty cheerleading outfit with the words MED on the front of the top.
-a stethoscope around her neck coz we are studying to be docs.
-one hand outstretched holding med notes and many shopping bags hanging from that outstretched hand. the typical black paper bag with the brands 'bottega veneta' in front, followed by 'Coach', 'Burberry', Prada Gucci depending on how many can fit.
- then the other hand eating a macaroon which she took from a pyramid of macaroons on a plate somewhere.
- can i request for her arms and face to be skinnier if possible

- a pyramid of macaroons!
-eiffel tower
- the lourve
-leaning tower of pisa
-the colosseum(attached)
- a street of shops (i've attached the picture) the shop names are all the super branded ones!"

lady cheerleader caricature with macaroons
Such a long list of requests.
Of course can't squeeze in all.
I selectively chosen some of them.

Of the two photos provided by the client, I have chosen this "happy and naughty" look.
The result was pretty good.
Wonder of a fun expression!

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