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Monday, January 04, 2010

Portrait illustration in colourpencil for a game mock-up

Client's brief:-
"Instructions for the mock-up
1. Mockup is meant for screen with resolution of 1024*768 pixels
2. Style to be used is a combination of landscape sketch and portrait sketch.
3. Meeting with the game character (Pictures to be attached) is happening in a bar.
4. Background is a characteristic French road side bar / Holland Village type setting.
5. Character is facing the player and is seen waist up with arms on the table.
6. Hands of the character are pointing in the direction of the player as if he is trying to make a point.
7. Background colors are orange yellowish
8. Positioning of various elements is shown in the diagram below.
9. Navigation bar, action bar, help are semi transparent."

old man portrait in colourpencil A4
I was given the photo of this gentleman, but not in this posture.
Thus, I have to imagine on the hand postures.
This is not a caricature, as lighting is one of the important factors in portrait illustration.
These hands are my hands.:D That's the easiest source.
Photos are taken by my wife and son.
I chose the better one.
Wine glass, plate and table cloth was added in, based on photos online and imagination. The latter was not so important.

roadside restaurant pencil sketch
This is the background. Photo was provided by the client.
I sketched it out in pencil.
old man portrait in colourpencil with restaurant background watwermark A4
Scanned both of the above illustrations into digital copy.
Added in colours in Photoshop (Hand-painted too, just different medium).
I opted for a more sketchy style for the background, in contrast with the foreground portrait, which was more refined and detail.
Did some digital editing to the suit, and wine glass (in the transparency)

I have added in watermark for this illustration to protect the client's interest.
I would say - this is not an easy job. Lots of effort have been put into the execution.
Phew!. It was finally done, and looks quite good to me.
The client will need to animate this portrait - talking?!
I am trying to imagine how they can do it with 1 single frame of illustration.......

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