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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Caricature theme - wedding @ Singapore Flyer

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit Leong,

I was asking around my friends and collegues if they know of any place that do caricature. After my collegue had introduced me to ur webpage, I'm totally impressed by all the art work you did. I was even more excited when I know that I can actually add in the details I wanted in the caricature to make it more personalized. Immediately I know this is what I wanted :)

The intention of the caricature was actually for my ROM. Beside using the caricature for the main display at the event place, I would like to use the caricature as my invitation card as well.

The following are the details I would like to have in my caricature;

- A sketch of roughly how I wanted the whole caricature to look like.
Kindly help me to beautify it :)*** Please see (Attachment 1)
- Caricature in colour marker with theme-->background and body for my ROM.
- Groom carrying the bride,standing in front of a red ferrari ( Left side)
- Putting our ROM date on the number plate (26th March 2010 or 26-03-2010)
- Background-->Its durng the day time
- Singapore Flyer (Rigiht side of the background) *** There is a total of 28 capsules (Attachment of Singapore Flyer)
- Below the Singapore Flyer, add a restarunt named "MEGU". Please indicate the restarunt name in the picture. This is very important!!!
If possible, kindly draw the "MEGU" logo and help to use your imagination to draw a restarunt or what... Sorry for so picky :( (Attachment of MEGU logo)
- Groom:
1) wearing a black tuxedo with white shirt
2) do not show too much of his teeth as he dont like it...heehee (please avoid the rabbit tooth as well)
- Bride:
1) hair slightly over shouder length, with simple tiara & veil
2) holding a bouquet of flowers pink in colour
3) wearing a simple pendent necklace

These are the main stuff I would like to be in the caricature. Please do not hesitate to add more stuff from your professional art work. :P I know its a bit of lengthy and with soo many details, but hope it really works. :)

After the caricature is done, are you able to help me scan it so that I have a soft copy of that as well?"

Wedding couple caricatures @ Megu Singapore Flyer A4

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