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Saturday, August 29, 2009

An illustration sold online.

Comic strip illustration - Roller Coaster watermark
This client saw this illustration which I have illustrated for Smartrade last year, wanted to purchase it for their publication use. I got the permission from Robin and sold it to them, but restricted to their use on http:/ only.

His brief:-
"I would like to buy the limited rights to use this artwork in a printed and online publication that goes to our client list.
We need this with no changes except removal of url....
I want to use it on a web page
And in print media to a house list under 10,000.
I was hoping to start a relationship this way and have you produce a custom piece for us each month.
We would like to see any existing artwork you have on the economy so you could make a few dollars with the least amount of work.
What country are you in? We are in Austin, Tx USA."

Another similar request from the same company:-
"I would like to purchase the roller coaster graphic. I would like one with out your logo in it and I need you to give me instructions on where to get the image from.
I would like the largest size available.
please tell me how much and how to send it to you using paypal."

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