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Monday, August 24, 2009

Caricature theme - graduation next to Ferrari Enzo

Client's brief:-
"Hi Mr Jit,

I am very impressed with your works especially your caricatures and so,
I want one for my boyfriend who's graduating end of August.
It shall be in colour and theme and frame up.
Is it possible for me to come and pick it up on 24th August 09?

Details which might be useful to u and what i want to be included are :

1. My boyfriend, draw him with his happy cheeky face preferably (refer pic BF1), 1 eye small 1 eye big(bigger than in BF1),
you can choose to keep e tongue in or out,ur choice to suit the drawing,wearing a white shirt and grey tie
underneath the graduation gown.

2. His graduation gown(refer pic no1) with the mortar board of course. I dont have a picture of someone wearing it tho,
mayb you can help. :)

3. He loves photography n travel, thus i want to have him holding his camera Canon EOS 1000D(refer BF2,BF4 or BF5)
in one hand, and the other hand holding the graduation scroll up(like one of ur graduation drawing).
-Note the way he holds the strap around his hand (refer BF3 or BF4)
-Please draw him holding this camera Canon EOS 5D (refer No2) instead coz its his dream camera.
-btw, am i right to say both camera will look the same in the drawing? if yes, then just draw the camera he holding coz i think the
'EOS5D' name cant be seen in the drawing.

4. Draw a lime green Ferrari Enzo (refer no4) in any angle u think will look good in this drawing, it must be lime green.
The Ferrari Enzo car plate will bear his name @y!3 (if possible) & with the Ferrari logo.

5. Background, i m not too sure as I think the drawing will be full of details already. If you feel it will be better
with a background then you can add big fluffy clouds? or a building to represent him in civil engineering(not a must tho)?
-No additional colours for the background, plain white will be good.
-If it is possible, please draw a sunflower visible somewhere, not too small and not too big.If not then its ok.
I prefer the drawing not to be so polluted with details if possible... but if details make it nicer, then by all means...."

Graduation caricature next to Ferrari Enzo
The challenge here is the subject's expression.
He is in the shade in the photo provided.
The more challenging part is his expression - cheeky, but not that cheeky enough (to me).
Thus, when I inked in the face, it doesn't really give me the resemblance.
At that stage, I think I need to use the colours to bring out his facial muscles.
True enough, I got it when I rendered it.:)

Feedback via email from the client:-
"Hey Jit,

Great Job done!
Thank u so so much for the caricature...
My bf like it so much...
& eVeryone agrees that it looks so like him, even my 1yr old nephew recognized him thru e caricature...

Thanks again..."

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