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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit

My fiance and I were impressed with your caricature wedding invitation on portrait workshop and wanted to know if you could provide us with a quote for our wedding invitations. We will be sending out about 50/60 invitations.

Yun and I would like to proceed with retaining your services to draw a caricature for us.

Please find below our brief (sorry for requesting the building as I know you hate drawing buildings, but I love the look of the building which is why we are getting married there!)


We would like a caricature of me and Yun in front of St Audries Park (the place where we will get married). The image will be used on our wedding invitations. I have attached 2 photographs of me and Yun. If the photographs are not good enough, please let me know and I will email another picture.

The particulars:

1. Please use the front view of St Audries Park without the flag -/

2. Please draw Yun wearing wedding tails and a waistcoat, but no top hat

3. Please draw me wearing a wedding dress (strapless A-line dress not too dissimilar to this one

4. Please draw Yun carrying me in front of St Audries Park.

5. Please do the drawing in black and white similar to this one - (As mentioned above, we will be using the image for printing on our invitations and would like to try and keep costs down.

6. Please arrange for a high-resolution soft copy of the image (As mentioned above we would like to use these image for invitations)

There is no rush on the image as our wedding is May next year, and we will be sending out the invitations in January 2010. However, I wanted to ensure that we have enough lead time for the images and the printing."

Couple wedding caricatures @ St Audries Park A4
An order from London.

I am always very nervy whenever I see a returned email from the client, after I sent them the links to download the softcopies. (even though this job is quite straight forward, and not much stress.) Positive is a blessing. Negative will be a headache.:D
Thank goodness this is the former.

Her email:-
"Thank you - we love the picture!

We are looking forward to receiving the original, getting it framed and hanging it on the wall...but not until after the wedding!

Thanks again

Hannah and Yun"

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