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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Caricatures for GC Asia Dental

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit Leong,

Good day. My company will like to engage your service in helping us to create 6 caricatures (5 individuals, 1 group) for our speakers whom we have invited for an upcoming event in September.

Individual caricatures
We are planning to do all the caricatures in marker (theme). For the individual guest’s artwork, we like to feature them with Singapore as the background/theme (merlion/esplanade/suntec, etc...) with incorporation of the following text in all the 5 individual caricatures to show our appreciation to their help.

Text: Many thanks for speaking during the GC MI Symposium, FDI Singapore 2009"

Caricature for GC Asia Dental - 1
Since there are 5 caricatures in all, similar theme, I played around with the different postyres, based on theinspiration I get from their features and expressions.
Caricature for GC Asia Dental - 2
Another one is the variation of the Merlion.
Caricature for GC Asia Dental - 3
Caricature for GC Asia Dental - 4
I tried to give the Merlions different designs and expressions.
Caricature for GC Asia Dental - 5
Caricature for GC Asia Dental - 5 frames
A snapshot of the caricatues in frames.

Client's feedback:-
"Hi Jit
Appreciate your help in the caricatures drawing, the recipients really like them....


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